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Mr. Chaman Gupta

Mrs. Anita Gupta

From The Founders

All parents want to provide their children with the best education. A good education is that firm and unshakeable foundation which ensures a bright future for the children. We understand this imperative and provide the high standard of excellence in education.

Children learn best in a caring and attentive atmosphere, and our purpose is to create a joyful educational environment for them. Where learning is a pleasure not a burden where their talents, skills and capabilities get a natural opportunity to blossom and they look forward to attending school. Where the traditional disciplinary barriers are crossed to allow study to blend harmoniously with creativity. Where teachers and parents are proud to cooperate in the process of shaping young minds and moulding them into a new generation.

We believe that the true purpose of education is not just imparting knowledge but also encouraging personal empowerment. Not just the growth of the mind, but the development of character, discipline and ethics as well. True education helps children to build courage, confidence and self-esteem and instills in them the right values and principles of life.

We at Lovedale take full responsibility in grooming these young minds, nurturing them with full open heart. Encouraging them to think, understand, observe, experiment and know themselves. Our young learners will be given every opportunity to develop their intrinsic intelligence and joy in learning. Boosting young brains with indoor and outdoor games. New advanced methods of learning through computers, multimedia and internet.

Our children are the future of our Nation. We want them to excel as bright students and get every success in their careers, whatever they choose. Be a responsible citizen and above all be good human beings. We dedicate ourselves to transform this dream of our vision into reality.

Mr. & Mrs. Gupta

Journey Of The School Since Its Inception In 1992